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G.A. Enterprises:

  The Manufactures of top quality removable dental prosthetics for the film and entertainment industry. A few credits include Austin Powers 1, 2 & 3, Blade, X-Men, Mrs. Doubtfire & Interview with the Vampire. For a complete list of credits click here.

    G.A. Enterprises started in 1990 as an off shoot of A.A. Dental Laboratories, a well established, family run business with over 50 years of dental experience in fixed and removable prosthetics. They developed the art of changing an actor or actress’s teeth, smile or facial contour to suit any role they are playing, without any interference in their speech patterns, and completely eliminate bulky mouthfuls of glues, gadgets and wires. For more info on A.A. Dental Lab click here

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G.A. Enterprises is currently working on dental prosthetics for several new television programs.

You can find more credit information about G.A. enterprises on IMDB by clicking here.